Ali's Bees

The author, who served six years in the U.S. Army, presents a clearly written and thoughtful story with both literal and figurative meanings for young readers to consider. Black-and-white sketches enhance the story by drawing attention to key scenes within each chapter. An important book for our times, ALI’S BEES would make a fine addition to school libraries and family bookshelves.

Ali's Bees is Bruce's sixth book and third play. He has written seven plays and published six books. After noticing dead and dying bees everywhere he went, Bruce decided to bring the issue to light through the voice of a child impacted by war. No one ever thinks of the children or the animals when they go to war. This story places bees and children center stage. Save the bees! Save the children!

                                                                          -From IndieReader review

Meet Playwright and Author Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim